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#2nd English lesson - Present Continuous Tense

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How to make Present Continuous Tense?

POSITIVE Subject + auxiliary verb (be)  main VERB (base + "-ing")
NEGATIVE Subject + auxiliary verb (be) + not + main VERB (base + "-ing")
QUESTION  Auxiliary verb (be) + subject + main VERB (base + "-ing")

  • You are sleeping now.
  • You are not sleeping now.
  • Are you sleeping now?
Question and short answer
  • Are you dancing samba?           Yes, I am.
  • Is Mark sitting on a couch?         No, he isn't.

The auxiliary verb "TO BE" in Present Tense

How do we use the Present Continuous Tense?

The Present Continuous is used to express:

  1. an activity happening now
    Sandy is studying so you must be quite.
    I am learning English now.
    She can't talk now because she's washing her hair.
  2. an activity happening around now, but perhaps not at the moment of speaking.
    I am reading a good book by Nora Roberts.
    The ice caps in the poles are melting faster every year.
    Are you studying to become a doctor?
  3. a planned future arrangement
    Are you coming to the cinema tonight?
    Mike is travelling to Tokyo next Tuesday.
    What are you doing tomorrow?
  4. Repetition and Irritation with "Always"
    Why are you always talking on the phone?
    She is always coming late.
    I don't like him because he is always complaining.
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If you want to take the 1st lesson click here.

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